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Over two years ago I posted The Spirit of The Internet. In it my first bullet point was –

The Internet is a reflection of our individual minds and collective consciousness. It contains the capacity for heavenly grace as well as the dark revolting id. These forces are present. Educate yourself. Be aware. Be careful where you go. This applies for businesses and individuals.

I’ve been using the Headspace App and I’m struck how much of a positive and profound effect this app has had in my life.

The app demonstrates where technology, design, and the internet can take us. It can help humanity achieve higher states.

An article on Medium sparked my curiosity. For this post I’ve attempted to find said article but couldn’t, however seems there’s a ton of press. The app lays down a free challenge of “Take 10” which is meditating for 10 minutes for 10 days straight. I’ve done a little bit of meditating over the years but like many have found it difficult to maintain the discipline to uphold a personal daily meditative practice without the guidance of an in-person teacher. Enter Andy Puddicombe and his Take 10 challenge.

After 10 days I did notice a difference.

I had a bit more energy, seemed to have a little more focus, and found myself coming back for more daily. I don’t regularly purchase apps and I’m not a big app gamer. I was shocked I was ready to shell out the $95.88/year cost at $7.99/month. I dived in and have to say I’m surprised how powerful it’s been. There is plenty of content and teaching to help you grow and go deeper… or is it expand? It really does help me to have a guided meditation to start and end but also to provide help along the way where “things” pop up. This is meditation and breath in its purest form. There’s nothing religious here, there’s no agenda. To use the Headspace metaphor, it’s really only to see the blue sky in your mind/life. See the video below.

The app is done with a noteworthy elegance and simplicity. A very high-end UX experience in my opinion. At first I was somewhat intrigued/annoyed by its vertical navigation which was a 2.0 revision but after my first session I quickly realized it works. In it maybe the designer was thinking of the ever-present spine in meditation and how the breath moves up and down.

App Screenshot

App Screenshot

I’m also a big believer in HTML5 websites and question an app-heavy world. In naiveté I wonder if things would be easier “if it was just a direct link into the internet with standardized browsers and interfaces”. Headspace has really pointed out to me the value of apps and how a well crafted one can provide serious value. (I know the gamers and Facebook users think “Duh!”)

I really hand it to Puddicombe and the Headspace team. They’re likely making a healthy return, give back to those in need, and by helping people become open and happier they are helping humanity evolve in compassionate and righteous ways.

Everything written here are the views of Tim Aten and Tim Aten only. They have no relation, nor are they the views of any of my employers past or present.

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