Tim AtenFirst off, all content on are the views of Tim Aten and nobody else. By no means does it reflect the views of any employers past, present, or future.

I’m a guy getting it together like anyone else.

I’ve done a lot, seen a lot, experienced a lot and have come to the point where I need to share the written word rather than thoughts casually arising in conversation only to linger in the ether. I see writing and sharing as paramount to “the spirit of the internet” and ultimately helps others learn, grow, and find new ideas. When we share it goes both ways.

I’m a lifelong student having started in high school athletics, to Ann Arbor tree town where I got my BA in Film/Video and Creative Writing from The University of Michigan. I did a lot of spoken word poetry with electronic music DJs when it was called trip hop. The remnants of this journey can be found at In the 90s I worked in the New York City film production world as a PA having worked on films for HBO, Network Television, and many independents. The coolest thing I worked on was Basquiat as a PA. I got two seconds of screen time.

I was/am active in the Detroit techno community having directed/produced videos for Carl Craig, Recloose, and Jeff Mills. Most notable in this genre is the The Drive Home: The Story of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

I make one of the best dirty martinis you will ever have.

I sell Zodiac Air Fresheners for your car out of my trunk. Also have an MBA from Walsh College.

My journey with content development began in ancient 1st bubble days as an Internet Research Associate with Omnigraphics. I also was a leading color specialist for high gloss photographic greeting card company Avanti Press.

I got my training in web design, SEO, Paid Search, and setting up Display networks at Futuramic Media.

I worked at Starcom Media Vest Group as an On-Site SEO for

I currently work at a large OEM managing Paid Search, SEO, and Display.

I also am an aspiring Qigong student and manage DevelopYourEnergy.Net.