It’s time to organize your feeds

The second week of November 2016 is the apex of some yet unknown historic shift. We all know it’s big and we’re living it. In hindsight I was mistaken about some things and I see other things coming to fruition via a nod to historical movements. It’s history book time now and that’s unsettling. 50% […]

An App For Now – Headspace

Over two years ago I posted The Spirit of The Internet. In it my first bullet point was – The Internet is a reflection of our individual minds and collective consciousness. It contains the capacity for heavenly grace as well as the dark revolting id. These forces are present. Educate yourself. Be aware. Be careful where […]

The Saddest Thing in Life is Wasted Talent

Back in the day I had aspirations to a be a filmmaker and touched that dream in New York City as a Production Assistant. In the decades since I’ve made a lot of choices as have my friends, family, and co-workers. The past few days and weeks have brought on a lot of reflection for […]

IT in the D Appearance

A few weeks back I was a guest on IT on the D. It was a privilege to go into the Gotham-like studios and talk with Dave Phillips and Jeff Mackey about the state of technology companies in Detroit as well as the big agency/client world I’ve found myself. We discussed the challenges and opportunities […]

Blunt Advice for a Young Man

This is the season of graduation and transformation. A nephew graduated from high school last week who lives states away and I wanted to take the opportunity to give him blunt and real advice. I’ve also noticed in this season of the World Cup I’m reflective of the past. Each tournament is so passionate and I […]

Agency Transition Survival Guide – A Blessing

I’ve had the unique fortune to experience large agency transitions on both sides- the agency and the client. Also years ago in a former professional life I saw a large manufacturing partner go under. What I experienced followed a pattern and theme. Transitions are blessings and your reputation is everything. This follows Law #5 of […]

Business with Conscience – Warby Parker

It appears this blog is becoming a comment on for-profit organizations as vehicles for positive self-actualization and societal change. Here in Detroit we’re continually reminded by the failure of our publicly elected organization in the form of its bankruptcy. While there are large macrocosmic winds of change forces which led to our economic demise there […]

Brave New Disney World

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to go on a deluxe Disney World vacation in Orlando, see the four major theme parks and stay at Old Key West Resort. It’s not surprising I had a magical time with great family memories of seeing my 11-year-old daughter soak and absorb it in. Like […]

8 Mile & Woodward – Transformation in US Race Relations

Some political theories expound on the trickle down. What about the grassroots up? In discussing anything geographic or demographic in Detroit one should get point of reference right out of the way. It’s always the issue. I’m white, live a few blocks off 8 mile in Ferndale, have lived in the city of Detroit by […]

Musings on Google Glass

I remember the first time I picked up an iPhone at the Apple Store. It was magical. I think I was reading Coelho’s The Alchemist at the time and seeing YouTube video on that device was like Santiago picking up Urim and Thummim and the omens that come with it. It was Gollum’s Precious. I had […]