What’s In A Name?

Language is no longer free, for time will allow the social forces at work on it to carry out their effects. This brings us back to the principle of continuity, which cancels freedom. But continuity necessarily implies change, varying degrees of shifts in the relationship between the signified and the signifier. Ferdinand de Saussure Course in […]

The Spirit of the Internet

Often when new initiatives come up or I find myself in an online marketing conundrum, in one of those gray SEO areas or online privacy situations, I begin with the question “Is this in the Spirit of the Internet?” I was once asked to do some SEO work where money wasn’t really an object and […]

Paid Search To Get The Gutter Cleaned

I needed my gutters cleaned and there was no way I was doing it with a ridiculous fear of heights, at least on ladders. (Disclaimer – I didn’t have plants growing like the photo.) A few years ago I had my garage roof done with a respectable local company so I called them up and […]

Lone Wolf, Family Owned Business, or Corporate Jock

I’m amazed and awed how fast the business world has evolved in the past five years. Some find frightening, others exhilarating.  It’s a great time to be in business, especially if you understand digital, how networks work, and are disciplined to tenaciously learn and study, and seek out new technologies and ideas. As the kids […]