An App For Now – Headspace

Over two years ago I posted The Spirit of The Internet. In it my first bullet point was – The Internet is a reflection of our individual minds and collective consciousness. It contains the capacity for heavenly grace as well as the dark revolting id. These forces are present. Educate yourself. Be aware. Be careful where […]

Internet Time Travel

Going backward in time with The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine at Sharing a tool that’s come in very useful over the years and one I consistently recommend in “Agency World“. In the past when doing consistent client web design they’d often reference an old site they lost where they were naive and didn’t have […]

@EventParrot Twitter Experiment – Future of Syndication

Earlier this year Google ended Google Reader. I was bummed and confused. I’m an information junkie and like content from wide variety of topics and creators. Why would a company discontinue such a useful service? Apparently there wasn’t enough people using the service and Google couldn’t justify the investment on its end for such a […]

Hit Me With Music – The Value In-Vehicle

“I have a BMW. But only because BMW stands for Bob Marley and The Wailers, and not because I need an expensive car.” -Bob Marley Until a few months ago I was driving my grandfather’s 98 Buick LeSabre. It had rust and a few of his polka cassette tapes still in the arm rest. When […]

Musings on Google Glass

I remember the first time I picked up an iPhone at the Apple Store. It was magical. I think I was reading Coelho’s The Alchemist at the time and seeing YouTube video on that device was like Santiago picking up Urim and Thummim and the omens that come with it. It was Gollum’s Precious. I had […]

Pimping Portable Power

When I set off with the lofty idea to share observations on ways the Internet is structured, used, and marketed by venturing into concepts of cultural change and consciousness I didn’t think I’d dive into the hardware space. I figured I’d leave that to local Detroit boys Icrontic who obsessively research and review all types of […]

Cookies, Ghostery, and Online Privacy

First off this post is NOT for those buying and creating online display ads everyday. You already know this. The buying and tracking of display banner ads is akin to stock trading with millions of dollars being made on penny clicks. If you want to deep dive and understand I suggest you begin with the […]

The Detroit Auto Show – Notes from the Underground & the Ivory Tower

It was the typical January Detroit Auto Show experience outside. Finding a place to park. Steam rise creeping out of manhole covers. Cold. Dark. Hunched shoulders trying to maintain body heat walking Washington Boulevard. I was with my father. He’s been dealing with heart problems the past few years and this night he was chipper. He had a twinkle […]

The Spirit of the Internet

Often when new initiatives come up or I find myself in an online marketing conundrum, in one of those gray SEO areas or online privacy situations, I begin with the question “Is this in the Spirit of the Internet?” I was once asked to do some SEO work where money wasn’t really an object and […]

The Delicious Trick – Business Research

You’re lost at a fork in the road. You need to make a decision and don’t know where to start with abundant options. No worries, use The Delicious Trick. The Delicious Trick uses the crowd sourcing of to your advantage., or as it was formerly known, is a “social bookmarking site” purchased […]