Detroit’s Warrior Artist Goddess

I can’t stop thinking about it. Or her. Haunted. Ever since then when I’m at a landmark now I wikipedia the building or place. Look at the date it was created. If it was before 1933 I think maybe she’d been here, seen this, was affected by it in someway. Maybe walked the same street, […]

Aural Archiving

Recently some bard colleagues of old have called me out about not writing the poetic. I need to maintain and continue that facet. Need to document voice. Need to come to grips with identity as I did in last year’s post “What’s in a Name“. Two years ago I posted this video on Aural […]

one last one – a10

one last one one minute the places one minute the faces one minute the spaces one minute sunday’s sunrise after blurred kaleidoscope night atop city sky of fog and illuminated light one minute sitting across a subway aisle purse in hand she’s gone one ride one journey one life one shot one trip one last […]