IT in the D Appearance

it-in-the-dA few weeks back I was a guest on IT on the D. It was a privilege to go into the Gotham-like studios and talk with Dave Phillips and Jeff Mackey about the state of technology companies in Detroit as well as the big agency/client world I’ve found myself. We discussed the challenges and opportunities this world brings.

I was impressed (and invited) by my esteemed colleague Greggory Garrett of CGS Advisors. It was inspiring to see Gregg in action as he discussed his global experience and guided the conversation around what we can do as a region to nurture and foster technology in our area. Much of the conversation focused on the infrastructure and resources of the large automotive industry and how this can help foster growth/talent around technology and potentially off shoot into other businesses and verticals.

There really is something happening in the city of Detroit. The renaissance is just beginning.

Everything written here are the views of Tim Aten and Tim Aten only. They have no relation, nor are they the views of any of my employers past or present.

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