Pimping Portable Power

battery_by_ripple09-d5ui5eqWhen I set off with the lofty idea to share observations on ways the Internet is structured, used, and marketed by venturing into concepts of cultural change and consciousness I didn’t think I’d dive into the hardware space. I figured I’d leave that to local Detroit boys Icrontic who obsessively research and review all types of hardware and gear.

As I think of new posts, new content, I sense hardware may be coming up more frequently as Singularity seems to be the talk of the intelligentsia.

It’s a bit of a novelty in my family my mother seems to have a fondness for QVC. Often when we visit my folks house there’ll be a brown UPS package on the doorstep. Most of the time we’ll question the necessity of the item or the tech snob in me will scrutinize the printer she ordered that has all sorts of cases, cables, and inks as “added bonuses”. Her most recent purchase she gave me as a gift I shrugged off as another one of these tech trinkets but time has proven my mom right and in-the-know. Even as we get older moms still know what’s best.

She gave me a mega powerbank 8400 which is a portable battery pack. In my new role at work I’ve found myself on location for video shoots, social media on-site events, and a weekly meeting off-site at a partner agency. One day I had a 15 hour day with only one electrical outlet for 50 people in a garage-like building we were using as a production facility. I quickly ran out of battery power for my phone and laptop, not to mention those around me. (FYI and FULL DISCLOSURE – that’s an Amazon Affiliate link for the Power Bank. The gist is if you click on the link and buy I get a %. Read my post “C.R.E.A.M – How to Make Money On The Internet“.) In about hour 7 I was able to charge my phone, my laptop, and a co-worker as well. It’s also come in handy at social events we’re I’m doing battery intensive exercises like taking pictures, texting, tweeting and uploading photos to Facebook and Google+.

Also of interest in writing this post is the increasing presence of QVC in search results. It’s a space I don’t pay much attention when it comes to search but I’m noticing QVC encroaching on the big boys like Amazon and eBay. With their stronghold on TV and integration with apps (that my mother downloaded immediately when getting her iPad) I sense they will continue to be a force to reckon with and pay attention to.

..uhhh…. Thanks Mom.

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